Remove Unlocked Bootloader Warning Message In Moto X 2014

Have you recently unlocked bootloader of your Motorola Moto X 2nd gen 2014? If yes then you must have encountered with this situation of a warning message showing that your bootloader has been unlocked. Although this warning message does not have any issue in the performance of the device but you may find it bit annoying to see this warning message while booting up the device. So we are here to help you to remove this unlocked bootloader warning message from your Moto X 2nd gen (2014). This method will remove the bootloader warning and will replace it to the original Moto X booting animation.

Steps to remove unlocked bootloader warning message

  • First of all you need to download Android SDK from here.
  • Now download the original Moto X logo file from here.
  • Install Android SDK and extract the logo file and find “logo.bin” file in it.Remove Unlocked Bootloader Warning Message In Moto X
  • Place logo.bin in “sdk\platform-tools”.
  • Now press shift key along with right click inside “platform-tools” and click on “Open command widow here”.
  • Now connect your phone to computer via USB and go to Fastboot mode.
  • To go to Fastboot mode, switch off your mobile phone and then press power button and volume down button for 3 seconds and then release power button.
  • Now type fastboot flash logo logo.bin in the command window.
  • Wait for a success message in the screen and simply disconnect device from computer and reboot.
  • Enjoy, you have successfully removed the unlocked bootloader warning message.

If you have any problem please feel free to comment below.


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